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Dova® 1Source™
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Dova 1Source is the single point of contact to help your patients gain access to DOPTELET® (avatrombopag). With dedicated Care Coordinators and financial support programs, Dova 1Source provides patients with the resources they need.

After the Patient Enrollment form is completed, Dova 1Source can provide comprehensive support to your patients.


Healthcare Coverage

Dedicated Care Coordinators help:

  • Patients identify personal coverage for DOPTELET
  • Identify alternate coverage options if available
  • Connect with appropriate Financial Assistance


Speciality Pharmacy
Specialty Pharmacy Coordination
  • Identifies and coordinates with specialty pharmacy based on DOPTELET distribution network
  • Supports communication between healthcare provider, patient, and specialty pharmacy as needed


Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance*
  • DOPTELET Copay Coupon for commercially insured patients:
    • Eligible patients pay $0 for each DOPTELET prescription
    • The maximum benefit for each prescription is $5,000
    • The yearly maximum benefit is $15,000
    • State and federally insured patients are not eligible
  • Patient assistance for uninsured/underinsured patients
  • Alternative coverage resources



Zero copay
Eligible commercially insured patients could pay $0 for DOPTELET*

The $0 Copay Coupon could help reduce out-of-pocket costs for your patients.

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*Only for eligible patients who agree to the rules set forth in the terms and conditions for the program. Please visit Dova 1Source for the full list of terms and conditions.


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Learn how DOPTELET works with the body to increase platelet counts.1




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