DOPTELET® OneSource for Healthcare Professionals

A full range of financial and support services to help your patients

Dova 1Source is the single point of contact to help your patients gain access to DOPTELET. With a network of specialty pharmacies and financial support programs, Dova 1Source provides patients with the resources they need.

Your specialty pharmacy will remind you when you should be taking DOPTELET

Manages the logistics

  • One dedicated Care Coordinator assigned to your patients who:
    • Navigates the insurance process 
    • Identifies specialty pharmacy
    • Keeps you informed throughout the process
    Your specialty pharmacy will help identify and coordinate financial assistance to pay for DOPTELET

    Coordinates financial support*

    • $0 Copay: Eligible patients pay as little as $0 for each DOPTELET® (avatrombopag) prescription
    • Patient Assistance for uninsured patients
    Dova® 1Source™

    To get patients started

    For more information, call 1-833-DOVA-ONE (1-833-368-2663)

    *Only for eligible patients who agree to the rules set forth in the terms and conditions for the program. Please visit for the full list of terms and conditions.

    †Covers up to $7,900 per patient, annually. Except where prohibited by state law.